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advantages of aluminum boats


  • The quality of aluminium welding needs to be very high, much more so than in the fibreglass construction process.

    Fortunately, because of its qualities, Aluminium welding do not depends on such difficult to control factors as ambient temperature, suspended dust, as with fibreglass and resins.

  • Aluminium construction┬áensures maximum quality throughout the process: from reception of materials, which are already certified and classified (aluminum sheet, wire, gas), and the latest electronic welding machine, thus ensuring that the finished product is of the highest quality.
  • Aluminium is a 100% recyclable┬ámaterial, so therefore it is 100% organic. The residue generated with aluminium construction is non toxic, and is also recyclable. Compare this to Fibreglass and resins which are highly toxic and have a large negative impacto n the environment.
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Here we explain the advantages offered by the construction of naval aluminium boats against fiber.


One of the essential differences in favor of the aluminum boat. With the same power conditions, the fuel saving is 20% compared to a fiber vessel. This is due, among other things, to the lightness of this metal. The larger the size of the ship, the greater the savings. Less weight also means greater speed with less demanding and more durable engines.


it is clear that aluminum is more resistant than fiber. This results in fewer breakdowns (no osmosis problems or cracking), and therefore lower running costs. A collision with a rock or iron low in fiber would mean a total loss and very expensive repair and uncertain. Aluminum, because of its high ductility, it is one of the metals less fracture, and makes no cracking problems. Always tend to deform, not to crack.


Aluminum does not burn with fire. A fire in a fiber boat can hit the boat at the bottom of the sea, since it is consumed. In case of a collision with a rocky bottom, the fiber breaks and semithes and that means a waterway in the boat, preventing navigation when filling the water hull. On the contrary, aluminum, due to its high ductility, is deformed and does not crack, making it difficult to produce a waterway. To break the aluminum the blow has to be especially violent.


Aluminum does not deteriorate due to permanent exposure to sunlight. It also does not suffer the effects of osmosis, and it resists much better the incrustation of algae and limpets when the boat has been inactive for a long time. Trailer transport ends up cracking the fiber, not aluminum. This means that after the years, aluminum boats maintain their initial conditions, or what is the same, are newer than fiber. And therefore, the value of second hand is higher, and depreciation, lower.


The repair in aluminum is very simple, similar to the plates of the cars. A blow to the hull can be repaired in just a few hours, cutting the sheet and welding a new one, returning the boat to its original state with full guarantee of helmet strength. In fiber hulls, a blow produces the complex phenomenon known as cracking, and forces partial and very expensive repairs that do not guarantee the original resistance.

Useful Information

If you want to know more about aluminium boats, their characteristics and performance, explore the models offered by Moggaro Aluminum Yachts or get in touch with us here.



In Moggaro Aluminum Yachts we use naval aluminum 5083 H111, an alloy used in shipbuilding for years.

Our boats are built based on identified and defined processes and following the strictest quality controls during execution.

The CAD-CAM design programs allow the exact definition of the pieces to be cut with CNC machines using high definition plasma. Once the cut pieces are received, we classified them following the assembly manual designed by Moggaro for its correct placement in the structure.

The staff and the organization for Aluminium welding have the quality certificate ISO 9001.

Our technical team supervises the quality of the execution (quality of the material, stake out of parts, welds, sealing tests), for a correct finishing of the boat.

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